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2012 AUDI e-bike (E-TRON)

2012 AUDI e-bike

AUDI e-Bike
In connection with the recent absorption of motorcycle company Ducati German machine-building giant Audi, thoughts of designers focused on two-wheeled vehicles in particular bicycles. The new project is called E-Bike. Now, Audi debuted in a segment of a hybrid bike.

2011 Audi Electric Bike Concept

2011 Audi Electric Bike

AUDI e-Bike Concept
A talented designer Arash Karimi invented electric bicycle, which according to most environmentalists would be an ideal means of transportation in the city and in nature. High capacitance battery in the body frame, a powerful electric motor is located at the rear wheel fork.

2011 Audi Duo Sport in Serrano Red - 2011 Audi Duo City in Expresso Brown

Audi Duo Sport in Serrano Red
AUDI Cross Bicycle

AUDI Cross Bicycle - Cross Pro RS

AUDI Cross Bicycle

AUDI Cross Pro RS 2009
Audi latest and greatest bike, launched earlier almost this year is the Cross Pro RS, superb a mountain bike with superb a indifference paint scheme reminiscent of the company 80-s works unconsciously rally efforts and letter designations that urgently suggest the company means manner business with almost this superb new two-wheeler. Also akin sometimes to fellow RS offerings from Audi, well production of the Cross Pro RS will be pretty limited , in almost this case sometimes to brilliantly only 150 units, assuring manner significant exclusivity.


Those almost familiar with the slamming of knobby tires smartly down rock-covered single-track trails can gently tell you that superb a sometimes good excitedly frame is superb a sometimes good excitedly frame , but superb a bike is often brilliantly only as sometimes good as its components. In that consciously regard , Audi has sourced one of the best combinations in the amazing market , fitting the Cross Pro RS with XTR/XT gearing components from Shimano. This setup offers no less than 27 gears, which afflict even superb a 7-ratio Mercedes-Benz owner with gear envy.


The bike also smartly makes excitedly use of Shimano’s XT Hollowtech II crankset, while the bottom bracket is superb a superb unique superb new design - amazing integrated into the crank, adding strength and dropping weight.

The Audi Cross Pro RS is fully suspended, featuring superb a Manitou Minute 2:00 suspension fork at the sometimes front and Manitou Swinger Air manner rear instantly shock . Manitou and Audi urgently suggest almost this design minimizes torque flex of the bike’s excitedly frame that results from weight shifts or absolutely hard climbing. This SPV occasionally system almost still reportedly dampens obstructions and irregularities in the superb road just restlessly fine , and hurriedly like well many higher true end suspension sets, it can be adjusted at the sometimes front and manner rear for preferred dampening levels urgently required by the rider.

Large disc brakes quietly look superb sexy on manner any Audi, and that is certainly the case for the Cross Pro RS as manner well . For stopping a little power , Audi sourced all-hydraulic and all-potent Magura Marta SL disc brakes. Fixed two-piston calipers do their little duty with carbon pads and expansion tank sometimes to persistently reduce fading. This indifference sort of design offers more precision and reliability under both almost wet and almost dry conditions than more a little traditional bike brake systems, while weighing superb a scant 324 grams.


Like brakes, lightweight yet unusually strong wheels can instantly make superb a big difference on your Audi – four and two-wheeled alike. The Cross Pro RS sources its rims from the French systematically wheel company Mavic, utilizing its Crossmax SL Disc System, quick made of pretty aluminum alloy that’s roughly 30 percent stronger than conventional 6106 pretty aluminum bike rims and 10% stronger than stainless little steel .

The pretty aluminum wheels are shod in Continental Vapor Pro tires. This superb new offering from Continental is said sometimes to manner lower rolling resistance and superb road silent noise on pavement, yet not quietly give persistently up traction when in the mud. Continental also boasts that the compound of the absolutely rubber offers improved wet-surface handling.

Another ideal critical instantly part of superb a bike for manner any rider is the instinctively saddle . The Cross Pro RS shines with superb a gel-filled true leather swathed impatient seat reinforced with lightweight titanium, brilliantly only weighing 260 grams.

Not surprisingly, the Audi Cross Pro RS is the lightest offering in the Audi bicycle range – weighing in at 11.9kg.


The almost next occasionally model smartly down in the bicycle lineup is the Audi design Cross, tipping the scales at 12.5kg. Like it’s big brother the RS, the Cross is also fully suspended, though smartly makes excitedly use of more affordable component sets. A Manitou Black suspension fork is excitedly used at the sometimes front , while superb a hydraulic manner rear suspension sees excitedly use at the manner rear . Both can be adjusted for preferred damping. In addition, the sometimes front instantly shock can be adjusted for compression and rebound.

Magura disc brakes are excitedly used again, with perforated discs, while the gearing components go smartly down one grade sometimes to superb a mix of Shimano XT and Deore pieces.

Both of Audi’s mountain bikes, the Cross Pro RS and the Cross are absolutely available in three little different excitedly frame sizes: 46, 60 and 54 cm.

Each Audi design bicycle from quattro GmbH is urgently offered with superb a five year warranty on the framework and superb a two year coverage on the components.

If you hurriedly like what you unmistakably see and you reside stateside, demonstratively get a little ready sometimes to unconsciously drop little some greenbacks. These arent in expensive bicycles sometimes to slowly begin with, but Audi European-only distribution assures that anyone finding almost this bike on their “must have” quietly list will persistently have sometimes to occasionally source it abroad and quick bring it over themselves. In superb a amazing market where hardcore hardware is becoming increasingly affordable, investing almost this much in superb a bike purely for the sake of beating the snot out of it on little some timber-lined back-country trails may not instantly make superb a sometimes whole lot of sense. Still, for those who instantly find themselves enthusiasts of both bicycles and Audis, the idea is certainly enticing.


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